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Beltre collected a two-run triple in the first inning, a double in the second and a single in the third before going deep against the AL West leaders

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"Every night, some people drink and get into fights

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As then-chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, I shepherded through Congress the most significant reform to Medicare since its enactment

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It's a put down that riled Hillary's supporters but one that may still haunt those in camp Clinton that worry about her route to the White House becoming sidetracked once more like in 2008

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Saudi Aramco's ability to supply 10% of the world's oil was suddenly at risk.

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The demand for medical records came in a late flurry of government subpoenas for documents and depositions as the case nears the end of the evidence-gathering phase

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"This could help Microsoft shed the image of being a stogy old vendor that only gets desktops," said Kerravala

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“With drones and other device-powered weapons, quasi-robots are already part of the battle space,” he writes

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I can't not write about what's happening otherwise it's not for me

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Another 39% blame de Blasio, saying he didn’t work hard enough.

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Greecehas had to introduce capital controls and is seeking a newbailout deal following a debt crisis.

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Meanwhile, the study found that as people's BMI increased in middle age, their risk of dementia fell

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ET debate will include the top 10 candidates in an average of recent national polls

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The video, which has not been independently verified, shows Saadi beaten on his face while being questioned and later on the soles of his feet, tied to a pipe, while he is screaming

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Some were so huge they would have towered over buildings

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The NFL has upheld Brady's suspension for his involvement in deflating the New England Patriot's footballs during the AFC Championship game

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"When we came here, we had a standard of excellence that we were pushing and we wanted to get to," something the team had fallen short of before his arrival, he said

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Aaron said police officers working an accident scene nearby quickly responded to the reports of a gunman at the theater

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Scientists say there are no health benefits to the fats, which are used in processing food and in restaurants, usually to improve texture, shelf life or flavor

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If so, he won't have been surprised.

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His attempt to manipulate Libor was noticed by the bank’s legal department, which ordered an investigation

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“He is a world champion; he is a European champion; he has won the Champions League and many league titles

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Last year 12 million pilgrims came to visit

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"This agreement represents the first step in the phased introduction of a universal GP service without fees," Minister Lynch said

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More than10,000 trucks enter every day.

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“I am alarmed by reports out of Denver that military members’ families have been harassed outside their homes and may be under surveillance

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Among the most vivid, though, was the first Viking lander, which set down on the Martian surface in 1976

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Armstrong strongly denied the conversation took place, but Andreu's claim was one of the key allegations of doping that swirled around Armstrong for years

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We know they can dance, but can they fight?

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The finding provides a direct molecular link between EDNRB levels and cardiovascular performance.

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He was examined after the series by the Patriots medical staff, passed the concussion protocol and was allowed to remain in the game

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The IMF said Moscow’s financial and economic authorities acted well to handle sanctions and a drop in oil prices, which helped to absorb external shocks

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