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"I felt really emotional, guilty and sad." He pauses

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"Guidelines should add sleep as a risk factor to recommendations for preventing cardiovascular disease

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"The Honest Company is committed to providing safe and effective products, and we take all consumer feedback very seriously

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I'm OKwith surprising people on the good side."

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“This is more than a dispute about a couple of watches

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Executives almost never serve their full sentences in prisonin Brazil

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The AFL-CIO, America's largest trade union, had repeatedly voiced support for the regulation's adoption

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Greeks are still limited to withdrawing 420 a week in cash.

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When you’re not out doing something fun and dangerous, just pop the camera in its stand and use it as a home security camera.

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It's opening five more stores in China and expanding its network of fast-charging Supercharger stations, which now total 487 globally.

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Climate change caused by greenhouse gas emissions will alter the way that Americans heat and cool their homes

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"First there was little investigation into corruption practices

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We will have lost something moreprecious, America's credibility, as a leader of diplomacy,America's credibility as the anchor of the internationalsystem."

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Many thought Milliner might start training camp on the PUP list, but the cornerback was mostly ready to go when camp started and joined team drills a couple of practices in.

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All this comes at a difficult time for Algeria, with the collapse of oil revenue which makes up 60 percent of the government budget and 97 percent of export earnings

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The country said on Wednesday that it wouldindefinitely freeze talks on a planned free trade agreement withBrussels

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Faced with President Obama’s vastly expensive Clean Power Plan to remake the U.S

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Daily on live television, the investigating committee headed by MP Farouk Lawan did more than expose the scam

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Dombrowski was with the Tigers for nearly 14 seasons

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“For more than a decade Iran has refused to pay these court judgments and has thumbed its nose at these terror-victim families and the U.S

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Yet through open networks and private messaging apps, he was exposed to a constant stream of propaganda

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It said the infection was the result of treatment for prostate cancer that the Nobel Peace Prize laureate has received over the past 18 years.

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A grand jury initially refused to indict Kerrick on the voluntary manslaughter charge in January 2014, but prosecutors sent the case back a week later because the panel was missing four members

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Then he went downstairs and plunged the sword into his father's abdomen, authorities said.

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It’s also about unleashing hope in many people

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EE has recalled the portable charger it gave away after learning about a medical student who was severely burned while using one.

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NTDs are birth defects of the brain and spinal cord

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He knows the Redskins can unceremoniously dump his 2016 salary ($16.155 million) after the season

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