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The Giants will be in full pads for one practice in Cincinnati next week, then uppers the next day

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Along with the prison sentence, he also agreed to forfeit his Delray Beach, Fla., home, a Rolex watch and a painting by the late entertainer Red Skelton

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They did not seem to understand Chinese when spoken to

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The same if I said it was the portrait of alienation in 1940s New York that knocked me out in The Catcher in the Rye

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He then finished a lowly 14th in race two after crashing and remounting.

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regarding the establishment and operation of an OPCW-United Nations Joint Investigative Mechanism."

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Kim Richards was arrested April 16 on charges of public intoxication and trespassing after a reported disturbance at the Beverly Hills Hotel

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In its report on results, Dish said net subscriber losses inthe business almost doubled to 81,000 in the second quarter fromthe year earlier

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But the economics of Internet television are actually quite different from satellite or cable

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A lot of people don’t see when we lose and go through tough times how upset and disappointed we are

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Her latest line is ‘I bet you read that in the Daily Mail’; ‘did you get that from the Daily Mail?’ etc etc

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But political opposition toboth the new tax and a law making it easier to buy land fordevelopment mean those may be years away.

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“The court observed that the sites had not been blocked even though the petitioner has asked for them to be blocked

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It dropped by 8.5% last Monday - the steepest fall in eight years

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So, in theory, if you have been discussing a particular airline flight in an email, and that flight is delayed, Cortana will alert you to the delay

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"And the United States and other countries are working to move — particularly Russia and the United States with our agreement — to reduce the number of existing nuclear weapons."

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Just over 600 nursing homes were approached to take part and almost eight in 10 participated

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It may sound like the set up for a joke — a Jewish democratic socialist walks into a bastion of evangelical Christian conservatism — but Sen

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"This deal is not just the best choice among alternatives

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There were serious ramifications for the trial, however

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“I was a little bit of a different player back then,” Afflalo said

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The 11-inch model weighs just over 2.5 pounds, while the 14-inch model weighs 3.5 pounds

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The product reviews usually suggest otherwise

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This is a lawsuit about a hotel that markets itself as a modern and sophisticated facility where its guests can feel safe and secure,” attorney Lauren Rudick said.

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"Then the counsellor called my wife back into the room

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With higher ISO settings, your camera can capture images in low-light environments without having to resort to flash

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I travel all over the world doing these surveillances and nothing really changes," Sullivan said.

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NAIROBI, Aug 4 (Reuters) - Loss-making Kenya Airways, which has been hit by a slump in tourism in theAfrican country, may require a $500-600 million bailout, Kenya'sfinance minister said on Tuesday.

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Luxury sales were up 10 percent in the first six months of this year; in the same time period, mass-market vehicle sales rose just 3 percent, according to car shopping site TrueCar.com.

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"Events like this put the country through a rejuvenation mode, so that may be good going forward in the next two or three years," admits Mr Dixit

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She posted $5,000 bond and was released from jail on Monday afternoon, said officer Matthew Ludwig, a spokesman for the Los Angeles Police Department

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The Brazilian real hit a 12-year low and the SouthAfrican rand hit a 14-year low on Wednesday

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Yoenis Cespedes singled in a run, Duda doubled in two more before scoring on Michael Conforto's sacrifice fly in the third

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